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  Should you read version 4 or version 3?

This unit is becoming less relevant as the CCSK v3 exam will only be available until November 30, 2018.

Should you read version 3 or version 4 of the Cloud Security Guidance? Here is some brief guidance.

  • If you took or are taking a CCSK version 4 class: forget version 3 and read version 4.
  • If you only want to have up to date cloud security knowledge: read version 4.
  • If you took a CCSK version 3 class and want to pass the CCSK exam quickly: read version 3, do the exam ASAP and move on to read version 4.
  • If you took a CCSP class, you should probably read version 3 but it might not be bad to read 4 instead, as long as you are aware that the CCSP body of knowledge prevails.
  • If you took a CCSK version 3 class long ago, and want to get the CCSK, consider signing up for a refresh course with me, and move over to version 4. Ask me for an irresistible (or irrefusable) offer.