Docker Risk and Security

Secure your use of Docker as an infrastructure approach

The Docker Risk and Security course helps software and security architects to secure their use of Docker as an infrastructure approach to the applications that they develop and deploy.

Your Instructor

Dr. Peter HJ van Eijk
Dr. Peter HJ van Eijk

I am one of the most experienced independent cloud trainers worldwide. Since 2011 I am focussed on developing and delivering cloud computing training, mainly related to business value and business risk of cloud computing.

I have delivered the CCSK cloud security training over 100 times myself in more than a dozen countries. On top of that I developed and delivered more cloud training in more countries.

My background is broad. I worked as a researcher and instructor at Twente University, as a project leader and consultant at EDS and an internet provider, and as an IT strategy, IT risk and digital infrastructures consultant at Deloitte.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a standalone course?
No, it is part of a program with a webinar or live workshop.

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