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You probably are using this LMS (Learning Management System) in support of an instructor led training, live or online.

Your objective with this could be to work towards the CCSKv4 or CCSP certification, or maybe another cloud security certification, or just to know more about cloud architecture and security.

Whether or not you are preparing for CCSK, in any case I recommend that you run through "Understanding CCSK", to which you are probably already subscribed. Link here.

Let us get started. The idea is that we go over the material from top to bottom.

After each lecture/unit is done, you should click on the top right label that says: "complete and continue".

You will see that the material is organised in multiple days and multiple sections, each of which can refer to specific domains, typically domains from the CCSK body of knowledge.

If you are in a live class, you may not be able to see the material for the next day.

After this unit, you should now be to go to the next unit, where a survey will help you formulate your learning objectives.

NOTE FOR CORPORATE NETWORKS. PDF's are presented using an external service ( that is known to be blocked by certain firewalls. If this happens to you, you get an error message, but should still be able to download the PDFs through the link that is often lower on the page.


This course contains a number of practical exercises. You can recognize these because they have the word "Lab" in the unit title. You can select to skip them.

Comments and discussion: you will see a comments section at the end of several units. I encourage you to add your thoughts and questions to them. They can help other learners, and provide valuable feedback to me.