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  CSA Cloud Security Guidance document

This document, the "CSA Guidance" for short, is the single most important document to read if you want to pass the CCSK exam. However, it is not necessary to read it now if you follow the course, so you can just download it. In later units you will be referred back to domains in this document.

You will need this document (and the ENISA one) during the exam, and you should by then be prepared to search in them through a proper PDF reader that allows searching for phrases, not just words.

In the fall of 2017, version 4 of the CSA guidance was released. As of Jan 1, 2018, all my CCSK training is version 4 based.

Should you read version 3 or version 4?

  • If you took or are taking a CCSK version 4 class: forget version 3 and read version 4.
  • If you only want to have up to date cloud security knowledge: read version 4
  • If you took a CCSK version 3 class and want to pass the CCSK exam quickly: read version 3, do the exam ASAP and move on to read version 4.
  • If you took a CCSP class, you should probably read version 3 but it might not be bad to read 4 instead, as long as you are aware that the CCSP body of knowledge prevails.
  • If you took a CCSK version 3 class long ago, and want to get the CCSK, consider signing up for a refresh course with me, and move over to version 4. For recent students of mine it will be free. Others can get an irresistible (or irrefusable) offer.